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Common Lock Failures

Steps We Follow:



Call No Bull Locksmiths first. We will then have a team member out to you within the same day.


Get vehicle info

We will ask for basic vehicle information such as year/make/model, ignition type, location, etc.

Does your car have a proximity (smart) key or slot key (fob goes in slot) keep key in pocket and press a button on the dash or other button in the car to start it, without the need of a conventional metal key or ignition. Or is it a keyed ignition or a combination of the two? 

twist knob ignition

Twist-Knob Ignition

Nissan Infiniti smart key ignition

Proximity Ignition

keyed ignition

Keyed Ignition

Typically, remote starters work with push-to-start vehicles by using a proprietary, secure system called KLON that mimics the smart-key signal. Thus, your vehicle will start in the same way as if your smart-key was inserted in the ignition!

car ignition

On the wheel

Common Lock Failures

On the dashboard

keyed car ignition

On the front console

car’s steering wheel

On the back console

Did you lose all working keys to the vehicle(do you have a key presently that starts the vehicle) or are you looking for a spare key. Do you want a key with buttons( ie: remote headed key) or separate remote where as remote headed key not applicable. Or just a programmed transponder key that starts the vehicle? 



No Bull Locksmiths will give you a quote on the phone for the service. This price will not change.



No Bull pulls a module from the vehicle and read data to generate key immobilizer files to clone old keys and get your car driving again. .



No Bull Locksmiths will make a mold/copy of the key and program it to the car for you. Even if no key is present we can ORIGINATE a working cut key that meets dealer level specs.

Common auto lock failures and frequent service requests: 

Ford Focus/Ford Explorer

  • Key won’t turn in ignition, key turns but car doesn’t crank Volvo key won’t turn in ignition 

OLD GM CARS (Chevy, GMC, Pontiac)

  • Key won’t turn in ignition, or won’t turn without jiggling it, if you own one you probably know what we’re talking about but we can fix this for you!

Volkswagen/Audi 2006-20013

  • Key won’t turn Ignition or key stuck Ignition 

Honda 2003-2020 

  • Example: Keys stuck in ignition, keys won’t turn off or on, key won’t go into door lock. 
  • Door/ignition locks fail, we repair or replace lock 
  • Cylinders to match existing keys as to not have separate keys for door and ignition. 

Mercedes c class 2005-2013

  • Fob goes in ignition and turns, dash doesn’t light up, the steering wheel 
  • Doesn’t unlock, this is a common electronic steering lock problem that will cause the car to not crank, no start, we can fix this! 


  • Car won’t start, steering wheel won’t unlock, and a red or yellow steering wheel light on information display indicating to contact dealer, this is a common electronic steering lock failure, when this fails the car won’t start, we can fix this! 


Auto Locks & Lockout Services

Auto locks are the new wave. It is easy to forget to lock a door, which can be very costly. Auto locks and lockout services can be gotten from No Bull Locksmiths. We provide the best locks for our clients. More importantly, we are an affordable team, and you can get the best locks at a low cost.

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